Welcome to the Inner Circle Experience!  This unprecedented event is designed specifically for unparalleled global Industry experts who desire to experience a new level of excellence.

Strictly by invitation, the Inner Circle Experience Event caters to a select few- the very top tier of Luxury Wedding Industry professionals.  Every aspect of The Event has been designed with these sensational specialists in mind.  Workshops are crafted in a bespoke manner to respond to attendees’ specific concerns and needs.  Elite keynote speakers, at the pinnacle of achievement, offer insight and strategies for moving beyond the comfort zone and into higher strata of success.  The ambiance, company and intriguing activities provided speak to the calibre of our discerning attendees.

Original, thought-provoking and career-propelling, The Inner Circle Experience Event offers an incredible opportunity to expand horizons and create unmatched opportunities for palpable results.



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I want to laugh at how cavalierly people toss around the word "luxury", when most of them don't have a blasted clue, on any level, what a true luxury experience involves. Except you. Sade, you took something that has been done a million times before, held a conference, and turned the whole concept on its head. "Luxury" was not demonstrated with mini perfume samples snagged from the local department store, rather by the Jo Malone big wig personally delivering us their entire branding evolution along with a mack daddy bottle of the real, full sized, delicious product. We didn't get to see Hermes in a brochure or as a prize for one lucky winner. Instead, we got to experience Hermes, monogrammed, delivered to our rooms in all its glory. I don't know what to say other than: I can't figure out how you created that insane experience and executed it so flawlessly. In addition, in my next life I want to come back as smart, talented and classy as you. The Inner Circle flat out, super luxuriously, in every way, ROCKED. End of discussion.
Marley Majcher

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