Welcome to the Inner Circle Experience!  This unprecedented event is designed specifically for unparalleled global Industry experts who desire to experience a new level of excellence.

Strictly by invitation, the Inner Circle Experience Event caters to a select few- the very top tier of Luxury Wedding Industry professionals.  Every aspect of The Event has been designed with these sensational specialists in mind.  Workshops are crafted in a bespoke manner to respond to attendees’ specific concerns and needs.  Elite keynote speakers, at the pinnacle of achievement, offer insight and strategies for moving beyond the comfort zone and into higher strata of success.  The ambiance, company and intriguing activities provided speak to the calibre of our discerning attendees.

Original, thought-provoking and career-propelling, The Inner Circle Experience Event offers an incredible opportunity to expand horizons and create unmatched opportunities for palpable results.



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"How do you Wow people who do Wow for a living?" : you create ICE!
Participating at ICE this year felt very unique once again: it felt like a family homecoming. Seeing the people I had met the year before was as if time had picked up where we had all left it. Being such a close circle of friends truly makes what ICE is about and nurtures long lasting relationships.
I feel that the uniqueness of ICE is twofold; the chosen locations and the quality of the handpicked attendees - participants and speakers alike - highly contribute to the conference's success.
Over a 4-day span, the networking opportunities are endless and the quality of the people you meet is second to none.
It is truly a one-of-a-kind event, where no effort is spared to ensure a flawless, refined and meaningful experience for everyone who attends, be it through the relevance of the chosen panel discussion topics, the acclaimed experienced professionals who come and share their experience as much as their doubts and fears, or the thorough follow up Sade conducts after all the feedback she receives. Caring to follow up means she really cares about the people, and feels accountable for the experience she created and delivers.
Catherine Cardoso

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