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Celine Roux’s passion for fragrance has evolved over a decade working in the fragrance and beauty world. Her career has spanned all areas of beauty with a particular interest in fragrance. Her path to Jo Malone London seemed like a natural evolution.
As an integral part of the Jo Malone London Creative Studio, Celine leads fragrance development working daily with Master Perfumers across the world. She combines her technical expertise with the science and art of fragrance and candle making. This ensures the finest results and upholds the quality synonymous with Jo Malone London. Celine works to create scents that embody the Jo Malone London signature of elegantly simple constructions with a sense of modernity.
She draws constant inspiration from London, where she lives. The city’s eclecticism, its British spirit, a unique sense of history combined with contemporary culture, is continually fascinating. For Celine, the job is all-consuming, the smallest detail unlocking a new story or prompting a new scent. She keeps her eyes open and her nose busy, constantly exploring and challenging her senses.
Wood Sage & Sea Salt and Tuberose Angelica are Celine’s favourite fragrances by Jo Malone London.

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