Sade Awe
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“Sade has an exquisite eye for elegance and a
lifelong interest in the world of luxury weddings”

When Sade Awe, founder and architect of The Bridal Circle, is spoken about by the brides and professionals in the world of luxury weddings, one word is continually repeated…passionate.

It is true that Sade has had an impressive background as an Enterprise Resource Planner and IT Executive for Fortune 500 companies for over a decade. It is also true that Sade has an exquisite eye for elegance and a lifelong interest in the world of luxury weddings. However, one of the most unique facets of Sade Awe, is how those achievement, interests, and passion have led her to create one of the most innovative concepts the luxury wedding industry has ever seen…The Bridal Circle.

In addition, Sade is truly a well-travelled woman. Having lived in locations as diverse as London, Brussels, The Netherlands, and Nigeria, she has visited nearly every continent. Her voyages have allowed her to explore the beautiful intricacies of the world of luxury on a global level.

Quickly identifying a global disconnect in the industry several years ago while in Europe trying to plan her sister’s wedding in Dallas, Texas, Sade found it nearly impossible, and certainly inefficient, to find the high level vendors and products she was seeking. Although her talents enabled her to create the wedding of her sister’s dreams, the challenges she faced were clearly a common problem for most international brides seeking to find only the very best the world has to offer.

One of-a-kind weddings are quickly on the rise internationally, yet accessibility to the very best experts has yet to grow with the trend…until now! Because Sade is not only a brilliant innovator, but also a problem solver who graciously seeks to improve things for those around her, she sought to streamline the process the

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