The Inner Circle 2015
Welcome to the Inner Circle Experience!
Puerto Rico
St. Regis Bahia Beach / Dorado Beach

We are so excited that you will be attending The Bridal Circle’s exclusive Inner Circle Experience Event this coming September 14th-18th at the luxuriously beautiful St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort, Puerto Rico and the Dorado Beach At Ritz Carlton Reserve. We are committed to accommodating you in the most excellent way possible, and are doing our utmost to create an experience that will be utterly unforgettable! Inspiration and rejuvenation are just around the corner, and we can’t wait to share this experience with you.

Not only have we lined up some of the best speakers the world has to offer in order to spur you on to greater heights of success, we’ve enlisted stellar brands to speak as well. These luminaries will impart wisdom and expertise to you and a selective gathering of the Wedding Industry’s top tier of executives. You will be in extremely great company, with iconic and successful trendsetters from all parts of the globe in attendance.

Since some of you will be arriving from other countries, and many will be traveling great distances, we want to help you get your planning underway- and out of the way. You’ll find plenty of information below to not only get you excited, but to get your reservations and travel details squared away so you can rest easy knowing everything will line up beautifully for the event.


Our vetted speakers are both inspirational and influential. We know they have the potential to impart seeds of success to all of our attendees- even those who have seen and heard it all. World-renowned brands, innovative encouragers and social media gurus alike are represented here, each a particular piece of that ever-shifting puzzle known as Success. We know that having all the right pieces in place will add up to Excellence and can’t wait to introduce you to these key influencers.

Melinda Emerson
America’s #1 Small Business Expert
Seth Godin
Best-selling Author
Jay Abraham
Founder & CEO | The Abraham Group
Nono Maldonado
Mark Farhat
Creative Director & Founder
Marie Helene Morrow
Mari Smith
Forbes’ Top Social Media Power Influencer
Federico J. Sanchez-Ortiz
President & CEO Interlink Group LLC
Our Partners

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What People are Saying
I want to laugh at how cavalierly people toss around the word "luxury", when most of them don't have a blasted clue, on any level, what a true luxury experience involves. Except you. Sade, you took something that has been done a million times before, held a conference, and turned the whole concept on its head. "Luxury" was not demonstrated with mini perfume samples snagged from the local department store, rather by the Jo Malone big wig personally delivering us their entire branding evolution along with a mack daddy bottle of the real, full sized, delicious product. We didn't get to see Hermes in a brochure or as a prize for one lucky winner. Instead, we got to experience Hermes, monogrammed, delivered to our rooms in all its glory. I don't know what to say other than: I can't figure out how you created that insane experience and executed it so flawlessly. In addition, in my next life I want to come back as smart, talented and classy as you. The Inner Circle flat out, super luxuriously, in every way, ROCKED. End of discussion.
Marley Majcher
The Party Goddess
Thank you for such a great experience and opportunity to connect with so many fantastic and inspiring people.  Thank you for inviting me and allowing me to have one of the greatest business experiences in my career. It was truly and honor and a privilege to be able to be included in The Inner Circle experience. I have been able to connect to wonderful and like-minded associates that will help in the development of my business and career in the future. I also enjoyed the high standard, interesting and diverse topics of the lectures. I look forward to next year in Puerto Rico.
What an honor it was to be part of the inaugural Inner Circle Experience. Sade is a visionary with tremendous passion. Working with Sade was inspiring and exciting. Sade’s incredible personality and relationships ensured everyone involved in the planning had a wonderful time creating and working together as a team on this very special event. We remain overwhelmed with excitement by the newfound relationships we made during the ICE event and the extraordinary feedback we received from everyone who attended. The Inner Circle Experience was truly the highlight of our year.  We are excited to remain part of the Bridal Circle community.
Congratulations on the first Inner Circle Experience 2014! I was honored to have been one of the chosen to join such an amazing group of people within my industry and within the high-end luxury arena. Because of this unique experience, I have taken another approach to jump-start my business for 2015 and couldn’t be more thrilled. It was inspiring; I connected with new colleagues both from the States and globally; and we were wonderfully treated by the fabulous staff at the St. Regis in Miami. Who’s better than us!
Sade, I wanted to send you a follow up to such a wonderful experience in Miami.  You outdid yourself, and the result was amazing.  Better than I could have ever expected.  I learned more and got so much enthusiasm from the group to move me forward in new ways.  What a treat it was. The connections I made in Miami were worth the entire trip, and the seminars were all applicable to what I wanted to hear and learn.
My experience at the ICE Conference was beyond wonderful. I learned about the value and growth of the luxury market. I became more aware and validated that this is the correct course for EVOKE in being a luxury event planning firm. We don’t try to be everything to everyone, but try to do what we do, really well. I further learned and was reminded of the value of service. As well as you think you are doing, you can always service better. Also, I met incredible people and many doors were open to new friendships. It was helpful to delve in with other professionals and business owners that have the same vision and encourage and learn from one another.
It is with gratitude and I express the honor of being invited to the Inner Circle Experience. You and your gifted team presented an   extraordinary symposium. Your attention to detail was evident from the moment we arrived. Our accommodations, dining, knowledgeable and exciting speakers and the opportunity to network with our industry peers was a phenomenal experience. You thought of everything. To execute such an experience and include such thoughtful details, two elements made it a success, God and your brilliance!
The first Inner Circle Experience in Miami had me walk away incredibly inspired, with fresh thoughts to implement, new fabulous connections and overall a renewed pride in our global wedding industry that we help shape every day. I guess we are all “forces to be reckoned with” in our own way. The days were a great reminder of what luxury, amazing attention to detail, uniqueness, creativity and pushing ones boundaries are all about. We of course deliver this for our clients year on year – yet on this one occasion being treated to the same glamour, style and high-level socialising – was simply a rare and priceless pleasure!
Christina Holt
Founder & MD Wedding Concepts
October 16 - 18
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